The Good Ol’ Days

One thing about great food is it can be so nostalgic and take you back to a different time and place, just like hearing a favorite old song. It’s the people, special memories and previous time in your life that you always hold those associations with.

Toast in Lincoln Park

Toast in Lincoln Park

Just like most recently graduated college (or grad school) students moving to Chicago, I setup shop with my first apartment in the famously beautiful Lincoln Park neighborhood. I was living the dream starting my first “real” job, making new friends, eating out at all the fun restaurants and hitting up all the latest bars and clubs. Those were definitely the good ol’ days and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Someone along the way had mentioned a great brunch spot called Toast in Lincoln Park and I wasted no time in checking out. I also wasted no time falling in love with it. It became the go-to spot on Saturdays and Sundays for catching up with friends over the previous night’s shenanigans or taking any out-of-town guest to.

Toast's French Toast

Toast’s French Toast

Having tried nearly ever breakfast item on the menu through sharing with friends at the table, I came across one item that to this day, I still love and crave; the mascarpone french toast (and trust me, I have friends and family all over the country who still talk about this particular french toast).

The order of french toast comes with basically 3 “logs” that have been masterfully infused with the creamiest, smoothest and tastiest mascarpone (on par with cream cheese, but WAY better). What I love is that the french toast isn’t too sweet but has a wonderful uniqueness to it that I have never tasted in any other french toast.  And let me tell you, it’s addictive! The outside is lightly crispy but the inside is soft and flavorful. Add some syrup and let it soak in a little and enjoy every single bite.

Mascarpone French Toast

Mascarpone French Toast

I always like to order a side of their rosemary potatoes to round out the sweet and savory adventure (and those potatoes are fantastic…sorry, no picture here). And, so you know, the order of french toast is quite filling so make sure you have a companion or two and share. Then you can always try something else from Toast’s menu, which quite honestly, you can’t go wrong with!

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