The F-Word

No, not that F-word. Another one….food truck!!

I love food trucks! There is something so fun and unique, how could you not love them? Tracking them down through social media and timing it just right for when they will be in your neighborhood is just half the fun. And it’s so much better than delivery…the food is made fresh on the spot!

Food Truck Festival

Love Me Some Food Trucks!

It’s fun to see how the food truck movement has taken over America. What probably started out in New York City or LA has now rampantly spread across the US and draws in huge crowds each and every day in even some of the smallest cities. The craze has grown so big, there are actually tv shows centered around it like The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network as well as cooking challenges on the show Top Chef.

My first real foray into the world of food trucks was during a summer visit to Washington DC a few years ago. There was a food truck festival with about 20 food trucks, picnic tables and a local band all set up in the parking lot across the street from the Washington Nationals Ballpark. How cool is that?

When my friend Shalini and I arrived, we walked around the perimeter to scope out all our options before sampling from all the fun, fantastic cuisines. There was everything from mac and cheese to cupcakes to gourmet delicacies. The options were endless and it was actually tough to make a decision.

While walking around, we came across a food truck called TaKorean (Korean BBQ tacos) and Shalini immediately said we had to have that as one of our options. She knows me well and knew that it would be something I would love. Quite honestly, I wasn’t really sure about it, but went ahead with Shalini’s recommendation and we tried the tofu taco.

TaKorean - Washington DC Food Truck

TaKorean – Washington DC Food Truck

The carmelized tofu taco comes with the following; firm tofu marinated with hoisin then pan seared and any of the following toppings; fresh slaw (make sure you choose the napa-romaine slaw which has shredded lettuce and cabbage dressed with a rice vinegar, lime and sesame oil vinagrette since this is the vegan/vegetarian option), lime crema, roasted sesame seeds, fresh cilantro and sriracha sauce on top of corn tortillas.

TaKorean Vegetarian Tacos

TaKorean Vegetarian Tacos

Ok, so I’m a total geek and I took notes while I was eating this and came up with this to describe the vegetarian tacos (you can make the taco vegan if you skip the lime crema):

  • Tasty fusion dish of Mexican and Korean cuisines
  • Juicy and salty marinated tofu
  • Wonderful flavor from the awesome roasted sesame seeds
  • The spicy sriracha adds a nice kick to the tacos
  • Refreshing crispness from the slaw and cilantro
  • Cooling complement from the lime crema
TaKorean Food Truck

TaKorean Food Truck

I absolutely loved the tacos and it is totally worth going out of your way for. As a vegetarian, I was especially appreciative that when I ordered my taco, they really made a point to ask if I was vegan or vegetarian and made sure to accommodate my needs. That really speaks to me when vendors take that seriously. And TaKorean does. And that’s why you need to get on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just the plain ol’ internet on their website and find them when you are in DC!

p.s. I just noticed on the TaKorean website that 1% of all sales is given to local charities. How cool are these guys? They rocked in my mind before I even saw this, but now their awesomeness factor is even higher in my book as they strive to serve the community. Go find them!!!

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