Chocolate Heaven At NoMI

I’m going to switch things up a little and let my creative juices flow.

This post is short and sweet to showcase what I like to call my “cheesy” poem writing skills. I thought it would be a fun and different twist to what you are used to reading from me. Here we go:

Chocolate Pop-Up at NoMI

Chocolate Pop-Up at NoMI

Pop-up restaurants are all the new buzz,

And a chocolate pop-up at that, something I never knew there was.

Inside Chicago’s Park Hyatt is a wonderful restaurant called NoMI;

And for a few weeks they are promoting this concept, make sure you come and see.



Chocolate Macchiato Tart at NoMI

Chocolate Macchiato Tart at NoMI

Chef Meg Galus is pulling out all the stops

With everything from chocolate mousse, to macchiato tarts to meyer lemon white chocolate lollipops.

The options are endless and it is hard to decide,

On not only what to get, but who to buy it for, like Mom, a friend, myself or a bride!



Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies at NoMI

Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies at NoMI

I found my happy place in chocolate heaven;

How many macarons should I get, one, two or seven?

From the small tastes I had of a few treats,

The chocolate chip cookie was easily the winner, hands down it could not be beat!



The Pop-up at NoMI is available through Mother’s Day, May 11th, 2014, so get in while you can. Promise, it will be some of the best chocolate desserts you’ve ever had!

Park Hyatt Chicago is located at 800 N. Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.


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