A New Pizza Secret

Chicago: the land of pizza. I love this city and I love pizza. I’m living the life!

One thing is sure though, there are no shortage of pizza options in this city. There are so many that it can be overwhelming to know where to go and what to get. Luckily I have come across an unbelievable pizza secret (I almost don’t want to tell you and keep it just to myself).

Ranalli's New Hand Tossed Pizza

Ranalli’s New Hand Tossed Pizza

But, since I am so nice, I guess I will share.  My latest discovery is at Ranalli’s Pizza in Lincoln Park and their delicious hand-tossed pizzas. Ranalli’s actually just came out with a new recipe for their pizza crust and let me tell you….this is the stuff dreams are made of.

To be totally honest, I wasn’t really expecting anything that spectacular or special out of the pizza. Just figured it would be another awesome, hot pizza out of the oven (I mean, who doesn’t like that??) But, after trying the veggie pizza my cousin Jigisha and I ordered, we were like “wait, that is amazing!” With each bite we were trying to figure out what was so awesome about the crust. And this is what we concluded: it is thin and crispy on the bottom while the edges of the pizza are fluffy and soft. Not only that, but the edges of the crust are lightly coated with olive oil and asiago cheese which gives it an unbelievable flavor. Not your average pizza folks!

Ranalli's Caramel Apple Pizza

Ranalli’s Caramel Apple Pizza

And there is more. We tried out a dessert pizza too: a cinnamon crust topped with warm apples, candied walnuts, buttery caramel and drizzle your own vanilla bean crème anglaise. Do I really need to say more? Let’s just say that Jigisha and I were already planning our next visit before we even started on our second piece of the caramel apple pizza!

So, there you have it. I was generous and shared my secret with you. Let me know what you think when you try this pizza and dessert out at Ranalli’s. I promise you will thank me for it.


Please Note: While I was invited to try out the new pizza, all opinions are my own.

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      I would LOVE to go with you and make a special trip to the “burbs” of Lincoln Park with you. Let’s make a date:)


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