February Recap

Here is some of the fun stuff I was up to in February. There are always so many awesome restaurants to check out and events happening in Chicago, even I can’t keep up!

Pizza East At Soho House Chicago

Pizza East At Soho House Chicago

Pizza East– Located in the ever so cool and popular Soho House in the West Loop, Pizza East is a wonderful, cozy restaurant, perfect for these cold Chicago winter nights. I loved how many vegetarian options were available in every section of the menu, in addition to daily specials. Honestly, I was almost a little overwhelmed with all the vegetarian options since I wanted to try them all and they all sounded amazing! For a split nanosecond, I even considered not getting pizza so I could try other items on the menu. Luckily I came to my senses and tried the pizza as well as some awesome dishes such as the burrata with spinach, pine nuts and pesto as well as the roasted cauliflower with lemon, yogurt and chili. And yes, the pizzas were awesome, coming straight from the wood-fire oven. I particularly liked the roasted eggplant, tomato, mascarpone and pesto one, just because it was something so unique and different. Yum!

Eataly Lunch Specials

Eataly Lunch Specials

Eataly Lunch Specials– If you follow me, by now you know I’m pretty obsessed with Eataly. I’ve written about their awesome cooking school called La Scuola (read about that here) as well as other great events they always have going on. I recently had the chance to come check out some of their new lunch specials and let me tell you, it is totally worth it. The options range from getting free chips and chocolates with your sandwich order to a prix fixe lunch menu with soup, salad, pasta and many more options. So many choices and all focused on being fast to get you back to the office in a timely fashion! I was pretty blown away by the selection as well as all the awesome vegetarian dishes. My kind of lunch. Now, if I could only figure out a way to sneak in a glass of wine too, that would be pretty fabulous!

First Date Broadway Musical - Photo Credit: Cole Simon

First Date Broadway Musical – Photo Credit: Cole Simon

First Date’ Musical– The hilarious Broadway musical comedy ‘First Date‘ is currently playing at the Royal George Theatre in Lincoln Park. The show is a funny exploration of all the awkward moments that come with a blind, first date. I can’t even tell you how much I found myself laughing throughout the entire show and how captivating and engaging the actors were. I loved the incorporation of modern-day elements within the script of the show, such as the well-known process of “Google-stalking” a date before you meet him or her. Hilarious! Honestly, one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time and so well done. This one is a must-see and be prepared to have an ache in your belly from laughing so hard. Even if you haven’t been single in a long time, you will be cracking up at all the ridiculous dating antics throughout the show.

Gino's East Brewing Company

Gino’s East Brewing Company

Gino’s East Brewing Company– Most people are familiar with the famous deep dish pizza of Gino’s East here in Chicago. What most people probably don’t know is that the River North location just opened its own brewing company. While I am not necessarily a beer drinker, it was fun to check out all the varieties of beers that Gino’s is brewing up and serving alongside their famous deep dish pizzas and other menu items. If beer is your thing, definitely come check out the new brews in town. I know many people love it and keep coming back for more.


Please Note: While I was invited to each of these events, all opinions are my own.

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