I am that girl. The one who travels the world yet has a pulse on the local Chicago scene, loves being spontaneous but planned, all while eating my way through some of the best vegetarian food out there. I’m living the life, loving it and sharing my adventures with you all.

That's Me, The Vegetarian Tourist

That’s Me, The Vegetarian Tourist

My credibility has grown strong among family, friends and social networks, many of whom regularly rely on my recommendations. I find it interesting (and totally awesome) that even meat eaters are constantly asking for my suggestions. Not only do they trust my palette, but they know I have painstakingly spent countless hours researching the best of the best out there. I read menus as a hobby; that’s called some serious foodie love. Or you can call me patient and crazy. Whatever.


Who Let Me Roast The Pepitas In Mexico City?

Who Let Me Roast The Pepitas In Mexico City?

This blog is about so much more than just food and travel. It is the fun shenanigans, important people, tales of love and sheer randomness that have brought forth to be my crazy life. I can’t lie; it’s pretty fabulous and I truly hope my recommendations have you trying new things you may not have discovered otherwise. Alright, let’s do this!