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After 13 Years, My Mind Has Changed

Honesty is the best policy, right? Well then, here is the truth…

I have not really been a fan of the culinary scene in Washington DC. Yup, I said it. On average, I have been taking 1-2 trips to DC over the past 13 years (you can do the math) and each time I keep thinking that maybe I’m just not going to the correct restaurants or ordering the right thing. After a while, I just came to the conclusion that even though it is a fantastic, urban city, it just does not have amazing food like New York City or Chicago. I didn’t understand it, but I had to accept it.

Well, I’m here today and happy to report that my opinion has finally changed!

On my latest trip to DC I had the chance to check out the up and coming Logan neighborhood. This area along the 14th Street corridor has gone through a major transformation (it still is in development) with many cute new restaurants, bars, clothing boutiques, furniture stores and the like. As I walked through the streets, it almost felt like a little cross of New York City and Boston…not quite as crazy and congested as NYC but with a certain charm and quaintness reminiscent of Boston. I liked it!

Ghibellina Washington DC

Ghibellina Washington DC

My friend Shalini had sent me a few options of new places to try and after doing a little Yelp research, we decided on Ghibellina. Ghibellina is an Italian Gastro Pub where the inspiration stems from the owner’s days living in Florence, Italy. I already felt the connection…I actually lived in Florence for 6 months during my study abroad program in college, so I was excited to check this place out. And, the restaurant had already received tons of great reviews. Continue reading

The F-Word

No, not that F-word. Another one….food truck!!

I love food trucks! There is something so fun and unique, how could you not love them? Tracking them down through social media and timing it just right for when they will be in your neighborhood is just half the fun. And it’s so much better than delivery…the food is made fresh on the spot!

Food Truck Festival

Love Me Some Food Trucks!

It’s fun to see how the food truck movement has taken over America. What probably started out in New York City or LA has now rampantly spread across the US and draws in huge crowds each and every day in even some of the smallest cities. The craze has grown so big, there are actually tv shows centered around it like The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network as well as cooking challenges on the show Top Chef.

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